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Spybubble is a cell phone application installed to smart phones for the purpose of monitoring or spying on that mobile device. Spybubble is THE most popular cell phone spy app. One of the main reasons for Spybubbles incredible popularity is its extremely low price and the fact that Spybubble has absolutely no recurring fees.

This Spybubble review is for the Spybubble BASIC spy plan. If you are looking for more information about Spybubble PRO here is the page for Spybubble PRO Review.


  • PRODUCT NAME: Spybubble cell phone spy.
  • SPYBUBBLE WEB SITE: spybubble.com.
  • CELL PHONES SPYBUBBLE WORKS ON: Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, IPhone, Blackberry.  full list of compatible Spybubble cell phones.
  • SPYBUBBLE PRICE: Spybubble Basic plan $49 one time payment - no future fees. Spybubble Pro plan $89 one time payment - no future fees.
  • SPYBUBBLE GUARANTEE: 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.
  • SPYBUBBLE PAYMENTS HANDLE BY THIRD PARTY: Yes (plimus.com). When an online vendor has their payments and refunds handled by a third party vendor that third party payment processor handles all financial details of product payments and refunds. This financial middleman guarantees product refunds and integrity for customer peace of mind.


Directly below is the actual Spybubble web site for the Spybubble cell phone spying app being reviewed here. You can view the Spybubble web site full size here.

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Spybubble cell phone spy being reviewed is perfect for anyone in a situation wanting to know the truth about another persons friends and contacts both in terms of WHO their friends and contacts are as well as WHAT is communicated via the cell phone between these friends and contacts.

  • Anyone in a relationship or marriage concerned their significant other is committing infidelity.
  • A parent wanting to monitor the activities, communications, and whereabouts of their kids.
  • An employer wanting to monitor their employees.

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People often wonder is Spybubble a scam? Here is why. Spybubble burst on to the cell phone spy software scene in the late fall of 2010. Sales of Spybubble exploded way beyond expectations. In a matter of just a few weeks demand for Spybubble exceeded 200 sales per week. The understaffed Spybubble support team was swamped. This meant questions potential Spybubble customers had about Spybubble might take two or more days to be answered. This led some people to believe Spybubble is a scam and Spybubble reviews, in the early days, were undeservedly not flattering. Within a matter of a couple of months the Spybubble support staff was upgraded and by the early spring of 2011 this is no longer an issue. Any questions and inquiries about Spybubble get answered in less than a day.

Without a doubt the Spybubble support and customer help gets a Spybubble review rating of A+.

POTENTIAL SPYBUBBLE CUSTOMER SUPPORT IMPROVEMENTS: Add toll free, 1-800, live customer support so people reading this review can speak with a live person about Spybubble. note: If you have a Spybubble question you may contact us for a fast reply.

Here is a fantastic web site showing how to install and use Spybubble on all the different cell phones.

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Spybubble mobile spy has all the cell phone spying features you would come to expect from a top grade cell phone spy. All these spy features cost a ONE TIME payment of $49 with no recurring or monthly fees which is unheard of the smartphone spy industry.

Spybubble Spy features Basic Plan - $49.

  • PHONE CALL SPY - every single incoming or outgoing call is revealed in your Spybubble members area including exact time of calls, how long the calls last, phone numbers calls are made to and received from.
  • SMS-TEXT MESSAGE SPY - every single incoming/outgoing SMS shown in Spybubble members area including time of SMS, phone number text messages sent to and received from, the exact text message contents.
  • GPS LOCATION TRACKING - every hour the location of the cell phone is recorded in your Spybubble members area. Locations clearly viewable on google maps.
  • CONTACT LIST SNOOPING - any names and phone numbers stored in the Spybubble loaded mobile device are viewable by you. Additionally any calls or text messages from or to phone numbers matching people in the cell phones contact list are displayed to you.
  • WEBSITES - sites visited with the cell phones web browser are spy saved in Spybubble members area allowing you to see the time of each web site and web address.
  • CELL PHONE PHOTOS - any pics snapped with cell phone camera copied for you in Spybubble members area including time of photo as well as all photos.

When you compare Spybubble spy features to most any other cell phone spy Spybubble is right up to par with the rest of them but at much lower price than ALL the others.

BRAND NEW! Spybubble has now added a PRO spy plan which has the following additional spyphone features...

  • LIVE CALL SPYING - whenever the target cell phone makes or receives a phone call you will immediately receive a notification (SMS or email). You then call the target cell phone and instead of them hearing their phone ring they will hear nothing and you will instantly and silently get patched in to the ongoing conversation and hear everything. Make sure to mute your cell phone mouthpeice.
  • AUDIO SURVEILLANCE SURROUNDING SPY - send the target phone a special Spybubble SMS command to immediately activate the target phones mouthpiece. That phones mouthpiece is now allowing you to hear everything going on around and in the vicinity of the phone.

These two new high powered spy features cost $349 for a single year with Flexispy and $399 for a single year with Spyera. Spybubbles cost - a grand total of $89 for all of the spy features - both the basic spy features above and these two new live spy features for just $89 for LIFE!!


When it comes to this review for Spybubble mobile spy features Spybubble gets an A+. There is no phone spy like Spybubble and the fact Spybubble is well under $100 and there are no recurring or future fees absolutely astounds us. If you are searching around for a good affordable mobile spy software there is nothing as good and as inexpensive as Spybubble.

POTENTIAL SPYBUBBLE SPY FEATURES IMPROVEMENTS: When Spybubble customers were asked about this the most common response was how frequently the GPS location tracking feature of Spybubble can't be customized and automatically updates the cell phones location once per hour.

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This aspect of cell phone spy software is rarely covered in a Spybubble review but this is extremely important because most people reading this review are not programmers or techie geeks. If a cell phone spy requires a mobile technician or a geeksquad employee to use or install what good is it. This part of the Spybubble review is based on my personal experience with Spybubble. If you can read, type a web address into an address bar and follow simple install instructions like I can then you will have Spybubble installed in less than three minutes from start to finish. Install of Spybubble is really that simple and hassle free. One mistake many users of Spybubble make is they forget the target phone MUST BE COMPATIBLE WITH SPYBUBBLE. This is the only part of installing Spybubble that potentially trips people up. This won't happen to you if you look at the complete and comprehensive list of all cell phones Spybubble will work on. If their cell phone is in that list you are in business!

For reference here are the exact instructions for installing Spybubble mobile spy...

As far as uninstalling Spybubble/removing Spybubble is just as easy as installing. Spybubble, (the actual file you install to the target phone) for stealth and security purposes is not named Spybubble but a different name that has nothing to do with cell phone spying. This is so the target phone owner, even if they suspect a mobile spy app has been installed, would never be able to find it. Uninstalling Spybubble is a simple matter of going to the cell phones hidden list of apps and deleting it. The removal of the Spybubble apps takes 30 seconds.

When it comes to this review for Spybubble regarding how difficult or easy it is to install Spybubble - Spybubble gets a definite A+.

How difficult to uninstall Spybubble - A+


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The satisfaction money back guarantee of Spybubble phone spy is second to none. You have a full 30 days to decide if you like Spybubble. More important, all of Spybubble payment processing, including refunds, is handled by a giant third party payment processor. This middleman assures refunds are handled properly and with integrity. If you choose to refund Spybubble your money will be refunded to your credit card or Paypal account within 24 hours.

Spybubble customer satisfaction refund policy - A+


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Spybubble does not have a free trial of their mobile spy software mainly because the spy software is already so low in price with no recurring fees. Spybubble has a risk free trial meaning you have a full 30 days to try out Spybubble and if for any unlikely reason you are not pleased with Spybubble cell phone spy you get your money instantly refunded. Spybubble costs a one time payment of $49.

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Lots of searches are conducted daily for 'spybubble torrent' in vain. A torrent for Spybubble phone spy will not work because to activate the spy software after it has been installed to the target phone a unique Spybubble key number is required. Each person is assigned a unique Spybubble key and their database has full records of every single key used and who each Spybubble key is assigned to. Even if you managed to find a Spybubble torrent, downloaded Spybubble app and installed it to a cell phone you would still need a unique key that has never been assigned to anyone else and the only way you can do that is by purchasing Spybubble.

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Based upon the different elements and features we have reviewed regarding spybubble without a doubt Spybubble cell phone spy is HIGHLY recommended, ESPECIALLY taking into consideration a one time price of just $49 with never any futures fees is absolutely astounding and unheard of when it comes to mobile spy software. Are there other cell phone spy programs with more features than Spybubble? Yes. There are a few spy apps with the very advanced spy features of live, in progress, call spying and room bugging the target cell phone by sending it an SMS command. The cell phone spy apps capable of these two extra features are:

Compare these to Spybubble:

Unless these two extra spy features are an absolute must have then there is no better cell phone spy deal on the planet than Spybubble. Spybubble's price is so low I am willing to bet this will change very soon and either their price will go up or they will start charging recurring spy fees like the rest of them.

OVERALL REVIEW OF SPYBUBBLE - You can't get a better cell phone spy for anywhere near the price of Spybubble.



If you have ANY questions at all about Spybubble cell phone spy then fill out the form below and submit it to us. You can expect a fast reply of less than 24 hours and remember the only stupid question about Spybubble is the one you have and don't ask.

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Spybubble members area - calls history screen. Spybubble members area - calls history screen

Spybubble members area - SMS history screen. Spybubble members area - SMS history screen

Spybubble members area - GPS location tracking of cell phone. Spybubble members area - GPS location tracking of cell phone

Spybubble members area - main screen when you first log in to Spybubble members area. Spybubble members area - main screen when you first log in to Spybubble members area

Spybubble members area - main screen when you first log in to Spybubble members area. Spybubble members area - main screen when you first log in to Spybubble members area

Spybubble installation instructions for all cell phones. Spybubble installation instructions for all cell phones

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